IIYC stands for

ISKCON India Youth Council

Our Vision

Expansion (Breadth)

To inculcate personal, interpersonal and social values in youth with high spiritual quotient in day-to-day life and subsequently inspire and train them to become perfect leaders for a better and brighter India

Innovation (Depth)

To Make More Youth Devotees, Happy Devotees & Contributing devotees to achieve local as well as national Goals

Our Aims

Meet the advisory board members

HG Basu Ghosh Das

HG Devakinandan Das

HH Bhakti Vinod Swami

HH Bhakti Prem Swami

HG Shankhadhari Das

HG Sankarshan Nitai Das

HG Gauranga Das

HG Gokul Chandra Das

HG Radheshyam Das

HG Rukmini Krishna Das

HG Kamal Lochan Das

Meet the Core Committee members

HG Sundar Gopal Das

HG Antardvipa Das

HG Atul Krishna Das

HG Prem Harinam Das

HG Baldev Das​

HG Murali Krishna Das

HG Tirthanga Nitai Das

HG Hari Kshetra Das

HG Ravindra Chaitanya Das

HG Chakravarti Das

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