‘Hyper’-connected World
With every nanosecond so many things getting uploaded on whatsapp, facebook, twitter etc., one would feel extinct if he were inactive for a few hours. This fear of getting lost in the hyper-connected world drives the youths to remain online always on the social media platforms.

“According to the latest statistics of Statista, the biggest portal of statistics there are 2 billion monthly active Facebook users.”

Thanks to the wonderful work of science and technology in the form of latest methods of communication, transport, lifestyle etc. the standard of living has witnessed unprecedented advancement. Our improved standard of living has transformed the way we think, act and respond and people like to share the same by updating their status on Facebook.

Facebook: Life of ‘Likes’
When a person interacting with world through Facebook update his status on Facebook, he is likely to get many likes from people around him. Very often, the likes on the post play such a crucial role that one feels neglected if being unable to procure some likes on the post. Now, the question comes “Do likes define our life?”. Likes may be an indicative of our standard of ‘LIVING’ and may help us ‘GO’ through life but in order to ‘GROW’ through life we need to improve our standard of ‘GIVING’.

Crests and Troughs of our Life
While we go through the crests and troughs of life, many times some turbulence and disturbances hamper our life’s journey and very often, people become disturbed. The most prudent form of this disturbance is witnessed in the form of people committing suicide. Therefore, World health Organization calls this disturbing global trend:

more people being killed by themselves than by others-“a tragic social health problem.”

This is due to short-sighted understanding of reality or tunnel view of reality. Most of us do not understand the fact that:

One success cannot make us and one failure cannot break us

Power of  ‘FAITH’
How to develop the proper understanding?  For developing the proper perspective, we need to empower ourselves with the tool of ‘FAITH’ which gives us vision to get a  ‘satellite view of our life’. When a satellite looks at the city from a higher perspective, it can see things which a person with normal view cannot see. The same satellite view is needed in our life also where we learn and understand that sometimes things go our way and many times they teach us by going on their own way. We also learn that all the events transpiring in our life are a part of a great master plan designed by The Almighty God. This faith on God empowers us to deal with things which are not in our control.

Worry makes us look ahead; fear makes us look back but faith in God makes us look upward.

Story about Misunderstood Intention
Once a person was trekking on a foreign land. Suddenly he saw a person rushing towards him with both fists raised shouting madly in a foreign language. The person became horrified with the idea of getting implicated in a fight. Instinctively he raised both hands to counter-attack. But that person rushes by and this man heard a heavy blow landing on someone else. Surprised, he turned around and suddenly understanding dawns and he understood the whole subject matter. A ruffian had been stealthily creeping in to attack him from behind and the person ahead had been rushing to save him from that ruffian. In his foreign tone he was warning him but being unable to understand his language, his intentions were completely misunderstood. The person regrets: if only I had known his language…

From Facebook to ‘FAITH-BOOK’
For a steady development in life, we need ‘Faith-book’; a deep faith in God which is based on the underlying principle that God has a plan by which everyone will grow and he is supremely intelligent. Just as on Facebook, we can regularly update our status. Similarly, in our life also we can update the status of our faith. Status on this ‘Faith-book’ can be updated by regularly chanting the Holy names of God, reading the wisdom literature. This will help us understand the language of God. Then we can appreciate His divine plan just as the person in the above story could understand and appreciate the intention of the stranger rushing towards him to save him from a disastrous situation. Faith as a tool will empower us in dealing with crucial junctures of life and will help us ‘GROW’ through life while many just ‘GO’ through life making us instrumental in bringing a transformation in others also. So, the motto has to be change now:

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