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ISKCON India Youth Council (IIYC) is the national body that oversees the youth outreach activities for International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON).

Srila Prabhupada wanted young Indians to take up Krishna consciousness very seriously in their own lives and help to spread it all over India, fulfilling the order of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. 

To fulfill this desire of Srila Prabhupada, the need of a national body was envisioned in 2016 by HG Basughosh P (ACBSP) and other senior devotees. Thus the IIYC held its first national convention at Sridham Mayapur. Today, the IIYC actively serves in all states of India and facilitates youth outreach activities under the capable guidance and leadership of a 10 member core committee.

IIYC aims at imparting strong character among the youths and inspires them to live a God centered life of purity and dedication for the service of entire humanity and to establish a class of spiritually strong youth who are genuine practitioner and representatives of the most exalted philosophy given in Bhagwat Gita by Lord Krishna.

History of ISKCON

What India is going through with its youth is not something new. This is exactly what America went through in its history in the 1960s. The youth, frustrated with the lives led by their parents, rejected and rebelled against the set standards of the society and formed rules of their own, by discarding and disowning their connections with their families and experimenting with drugs, alcohol and other dangerous addictions. This was also known as the ‘hippie’ movement.The youth, however, never got the answers to their questions and they went deeper and deeper into a blind, dark alley.

It is there that they suddenly saw light in the form of His Divine Grace, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, a distinguished scholar and a pure devotee of Lord Krishna, who had stepped on to the shores of America. Over the next decade, he went about transforming the lives of these very youngsters, who were on the precipice of sunset to a new world of joy, happiness and devotion. This he did by revealing the ancient and timeless knowledge of a highly civilized society in the Vedic times, thereby also quashing some theories that the Vedas were meant for people of a particular time, place and nationality.

Our Core Vision


To achieve the status of being a recognised central body responsible for facilitating youth preaching & connecting with youth preachers across India so that they get inspired, empowered and cooperate with each other to push forward ISKCON Youth Forum


To Make More Youth Devotees, Happy Devotees & Contributing devotees to achieve local as well as national goals.

Goals of IIYC

  • Equip youth with essential life skills through personality development seminars.
  • Assist in their academic pursuits through tested study techniques & concentration methods.
  • Deepen their knowledge, understanding and ability to apply the theology and values of Vedic thought.
  • Enable them to develop ethical discrimination in critical circumstances as well as day to day decision making.
  • Counseling and befriending to address the troubled and confused youth.
  • Provide residential training to those interested in learning and practicing the art of meditation.
  • Visit places of heritage and spiritual interest to deepen one’s connection with glory of Indian culture and civilization.

What We Offer

We gather to make our commitment to become free from suffering, help people with their spiritual growth and provide a safe and friendly space for nurturing holistic well-being.


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